Restoration of Thorens TD-125/125 MKII Turntables

What Our Service Includes.


Steps We Take While Restoring Your Turntable

Every Thorens turntable is slightly different in terms of adjustment of the suspension. I have resisted making a Youtube video about suspension adjustment because there are many small factors based on the idiosyncrasies of that table (spring tension, tonearm weight, platter weight, drive platter material, mat weight, cartridge weight, and whether or not a clamp of some kind will be used.  Tuning AR suspensions is something I have done literally hundreds of times over the past years. I know the nuances that lead to the very best performance.

Lubricate drive platter bearing and test for quiet and true (Truing the platter, if needed, is additional $40)

If nicks or cuts are found in cables, owner is notified of cable options

Initial evaluation of motor, platter bearing, and basic tonearm function including bearings

Clean drive platter surface where belt rides of oxidation and staining

Clean and polish drive platter bearing shaft

Remove residue from motor pulley

Remove platters and other items that are removable

Lubricate motor, run several hours

Detail tonearm and area around motor

Clean top plate with appropriate cleaners discovered over years of working on them

Clean out platter bearing well

Clean and polish drive platter edge to satin finish

Evaluate cables.

AC and tonearm wire solder points checked. Re-solder if needed.

Clean ground connections

Check strobe functions (strobe bulbs are $35 if need to be replaced)***

Check motor pulley function, especially the clutch on MKII

Clean smaller items in ultrasonic cleaner

Check corner blocks for splits. Glue, if needed.

Vacuum underside. If parts are corroded, they are treated with WD-40 to prevent further corrosion

Clean and treat mat, if included

Clean and treat plinth. (I can sometimes eliminate shallow scratches as part of this process)

Clean and polish dust cover, if included. (One coat polish inside, three coats outside)

If parts are highly corroded, owner is notified of replacement options. This rarely happens.

Detail all tonearm surfaces

Clean headshell terminals, in and out, with de-Oxit

Check cueing function. Clean out and replace damping fluid, if needed.

If cartridge is used, evaluate cartridge and report results to owner

Mount new cartridge, if needed

Reassemble/reinstall all cleaned parts

Align cartridge, setting VTA, tracking angle, offset, and azimuth

Replace belt with new

Adjust/tune suspension to maximize performance

Play test

Re-adjust suspension and/or cartridge alignment as needed.

Clean/vacuum bottom plate and re-install

Install upgrade feet

Re-pack turntable for shipment.

Return and enjoy your Restored Turntable


The V.E.N. Process

Today it is hard to find turntables or record players, or even a repair center that can fix a turntable or record player. Most repair centers won’t even look at them, and if they do, they only end up making matters worse. Well, search no more!

We have been performing turntable repairs for 57 years now. We have trained technicians coupled with the right parts that make for successful repairs. We take great pride in our work and strive to provide the best quality repairs possible. We understand how turntables work, the gearing, the timing, the need for precision alignment and a good cartridge and needle for proper audio reproduction. You can trust us to get your record player or phonograph working correctly again.Looking for a used turntable?

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