Turntable Restoration & Repair

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What can V.E.N. Do to make your turntable like new

It is V.E.N’s belief that the belt-driven, suspended subchassis models were the best of the turntable design. To reproduce the design today, along with their exceptional fit-n-finish, will cost thousands of dollars. (To cut costs, today’s turntables are primarily manufactured from plastic and mdf.) The question is, Is it worth it to have this your Thorens,Linn or AR restored? the answer is a absolutely YES! These turntables have survived 40 years or more, and after V.E.N. AUDIOS restoration process, they will be ready for the next 40 years!

Inspection of motor, platter bearing, and basic tonearm function including bearings

Reset all electronic speed control to factory specs

Clean out platter bearing well

Clean drive platter surface where belt rides of oxidation and staining

Adjust/tune suspension to maximize performance



Our Process

V.E.N. Loves vinyl! We handle your turntable with care. Once your turntable is on the bench we thoroughly inspect it. Determine what parts are needed and start the restoration. Although some turntables are different from others. The turn around time differs

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