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Get the most our of your entertaint room by using V.E.N. AUDIO Custom Design Engineers.


Steps V.E.N. AUDIO Takes When Designing Your Home Theatre

During the past 22 years, we’ve designed and created decorative acoustic Home Theatre rooms for well over 500 Home Theater rooms.

Our acustic professionals can turn your regular room into an impressive home theatre.

Take Dimensions For Your Home Theater

Selecting the best A/V Equipment for your Home Theatre

Present you with Theater Design Concepts

Theater Design Documents

Home Theater Installation

Lights, Camera,Home Theater


More Details

We will help you Create a realistic budget. Once you have a comfortable range to work with you then need to determine how you want to allocate your budget. Break this down into the following 3 categories: A/V, Interior Design/Acoustic Treatments and Theater Seating. our professionals will size out your room to specific dimensions and start the planning process. There are many types of AV Equipment out on the market. V.E.N. will pick the best our for your theatre size. Once we have all the materials planned out its time to present you with concepts designs. Once approved V.E.N will start building your home Theatre.

Once you are happy with the results, it’s time to dim the lights, sit back and enjoy your wonderful new Home Theater.

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